4 Important Things To Prepare For A Business Trip


Along with the development of the industry, a new term has now emerged for travelers, usually known as business trip. A business trip is basically a vacation trip while doing general business activities. The purpose of a business trip is not just a vacation, but also to expand market share, seek new business ideas, and develop some business networks in the long term. The term a business trip can be broadly defined depending on the context.

People who travel on business are not always related to their personal interests as entrepreneurs. Not infrequently these trips are carried out by professionals who are responsible for important areas of the company. When you are on a business trip in Singapore, you can reserve many hotels in Singapore with Traveloka. Some hotels like Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Singapore are suitable for you that require meeting facilities. To find out in detail, let’s first look about important things to prepare for a business trip so that the business trip goes smoothly

1. Round Trip Airline or Train Ticket

The first thing that should be your attention is the transportation ticket during the trip. Don’t be sloppy to order a return ticket so that other schedules after the business trip are abandoned.

Especially if you still have to take care of a lot of work after a business trip. Choose departure and return tickets with the right schedule, so that the risk of delays in public transportation schedules can be minimized. Everyone who often goes on business trips must be able to carefully manage his schedule so that the trip can be enjoyable.

2. Passport and Visa

Before having an overseas trip, people have to prepare a passport and visa. But, if you planned to stay within 30 days in Singapore, you don’t need a visa. This is currently applicable for passport holders from neighboring Southeast Asia countries.

Unfortunately, if you’re not one of those holders, you need to have your visa be prepared. Not to mention the tedious paperwork from your corporate and government during the pandemic time, Singapore’s government might change its immigration policy depending on various circumstances, including your period of stay. Be sure to always stay updated on the regulations.

3. Hotel Reservations

In addition to plane or train tickets, hotel reservations are also important to support business trips. You should choose a comfortable and quality hotel to support your productivity.

Many hotels provide such a meeting room and a large hall to support your business activity. Don’t worry! As we’ve sorted out the finest accommodation that might suit your taste better. You can check the Traveloka app to reserve the best hotel in town.

4. Preparing Work Materials

Next, don’t forget to prepare work or business materials that must be done during the trip. You can prepare it in softcopy or hardcopy as needed. Try to double-check it just before leaving, so that no important material is left behind. If necessary, make a checklist to make it easier for you to complete all important things without missing a single task.

Those are important things to prepare for a business trip. By using Traveloka, not only you’ll get the convenience of choosing one of the available options, but you’ll also get the opportunity to look for potential leisure activities.

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