Every travel enthusiast love to trot the globe. A world tour is one of the most fantasized pointers in the bucket list for many people. However, one thing that pulls them back is thought of breaking their bank account. But if you plan it right, traveling abroad can also be made to be a fulfilling experience without making a hole in the pocket. There are lots of tour and travels service provider’s offer who can help you to arrange your trip under 35K.

Traveling Abroad on a Dime – Under 35K

Before making your travel plans, research on various countries to find out the expense you are expected to make in each county. Then zero in on the countries that suit your pocket size. There are many countries around India that are as beautiful and replenishing as any other expensive holiday destination. Let’s take a look at some of the countries that can be toured under 35 thousand rupees.

Sri Lanka – Just-hop-and-you-reach – exactly the way Hanuman was believed to have reached, Sri Lanka is within the very reach as well as affordable for every Indian. In fact it is much like India, just a lot more on the cleaner and greener side. Complete with scenic beauty, wild life and enough recreation and activities, the country offers a complete and satisfying travelling experience for the visitors. The culture, customs and the food habit has a very close resemblance with that of India particularly with the southern part of the country. This very factor makes the Indian feel at home. There are plenty of options for lodging and accommodation to suit the budget, taste and sensibility of travelers from every walk of the life.

Bhutan – Bhutan is a heavenly piece of land etched on the lofty range of Himalayas separated from India merely by a political demarcation namely India-Bhutan border. Surrounded by lofty mountains, the picturesque land is also filled with mysticism and spiritual vibes that make its environ all the more positive and detoxifying. The country has a lot to offer including adventure sports, bird watching, spiritual and wellness sessions. The country offers a travel experience that is bound to fill your heart will joy and replenish you to the core. This summer, book your holiday in Bhutan and head for the most memorable trip of your life.

Nepal – Nepal is a country which thrives on the happiness of its people. Needless to say, it is place where we can go and learn how to make a difference in life simply by spreading joy. Again it offers plenty of picturesque views, trekking opportunity for people who love to explore the mountains. It has been marked as the best value destination, eco-tourism destination by many travel advisory bodies. A trip that can be very fulfilling and budget friendly at the same time, Nepal is a must visit for every travel enthusiast.

Malaysia – Malaysia can be a true paradise for a value traveler. The vibrant culture and the people of the country are the cause of true attraction for travelers more than anything else. The diversity of people, their culture and customs add to the beauty of the place. The picturesque landscape put together with the lofty mountains and green forests give plenty of scenic beauty for the tourists to create memories with friends and family.

Singapore – Yet another travel destination, Singapore is known to be a paradise for a shopper and a foodie alike. The high tech amusement parks, water parks and other attractive places as well as activities are some of the reasons for Singapore to become one of the major international travel destinations. Besides these, the myriads of street food offerings that a traveler can relish in Singapore are simply unparalleled.