Spain is massive when compared to the UK. It covers 505,990 km² consisting of 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities. In total, more than forty-five million people live there. Where do you start?! Well, like most things the “hall of fame” is always going to be a good indicator! And the Costa Blanca is in the top three when it comes to the most popular destinations: Coming in just behind Almeria and Costa del Sol.


While Almeria offers up cheap property (inland particularly), it is also one of the poorest regions in Spain. Unemployment is high which almost certainly has an influence on property prices. If people cannot earn money, then property prices will be lower no matter where you are in the world. If you are stable with a decent pension, then all well and good: The low-priced property on offer here is mighty tempting! However, if you are looking to perhaps create a business or hoping to find work, Almeria would probably not be the best choice. Young couples would almost certainly struggle despite the fact their property was relatively cheap to buy and so they either have no mortgage, or a small mortgage.

Costa del Sol

The costa del sol has always been a hotspot with Brits and remains a top choice with regards to second homes. Today, the older population which the Costa del Sol was renowned for in the past are being replaced by the high tech yuppy types. The infrastructure is good with international schools available and is somewhat home from home with a high ex-pat population. Compared to the Costa Blanca there are far less properties for sale. Another downside of the costa del sol is, it is over-populated. As a result, the property here tends to be comparatively expensive. Certainly, when compared to the Costa Blanca for example.

Costa Blanca

Big city living is not where you will find cheap Spanish property as you can see by looking at this inmobiliariaJavea site. Unless you have a very good pension or work that provides a hefty pay check each month, stay away from these areas. The Costa Blanca has a myriad of beautiful coastal towns which offers buyers a nice balance with regards to the general cost of living as well as property prices. This area is popular with native Spaniards as well as Brits. Here you can find a nice apartment with sea views for around €60,00. Without doubt, you would be hard pushed to find a property at this price along the coast of the Costa del Sol.

Whenever you take steps to buy a house in Spain the price of the property should not be the only factor. Amenities should be high on the list also. You might love that Spanish farmhouse but when you need to spend €5 on petrol to buy a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, or have an afternoon coffee on the terrace, these expenses can really start to add up. Without doubt, it pays to look at the big picture!