You haven’t gone on holiday in some time, but this year’s going to be different. Yes, this is the year you finally go away on holiday! It might be that you want to fly off for a weekend beneath the Eiffel Tower and the purple Paris sky at sunset. It might be that you love the great outdoors and want to take in the Mediterranean Coast along Italy and Greece, or go skiing in the Alps. It might be that you’re not even jetting off for the destination itself, but to see far-flung friends and family. Wherever you want to go, and whenever you want to leave, the fact of the matter is that you need to book your flight first, and in today’s day and age that almost always means booking online. That said, you haven’t taken a holiday in some time, and might well be new to the process.

Whether you’re new to the experience or a seasoned pro, here, then, are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to booking flights from Bristol to a number of European destinations.

Finding Flights

First thing’s first—before you go anywhere, you’re going to have to find a flight which will take you there. What’s more, you’d likely prefer to do so without spending a bundle if at all possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is, of course, to fly during “less busy” times of the year. What’s more, some airlines charge more than others for those flights, and offer different services as part of their package. The best flight booking sites can give you comparative rates, not just for different airlines and their flight prices and packages, but for the dates on which you are set to fly as well.

The best airline, offering the best package, for the best price, on the best day to travel—optimising your flights this way is a truly savvy way to travel!

Rental Cars and Hotels

When you arrive at your destination, you’re going to need some basics. The two most common things needed are, of course, rental cars and hotels. Online booking sites now allow you to view and select from dozens, or even hundreds, of different options in both of these categories, allowing you to pick the five-star hotel suite of your dreams, while ensuring your rental car is there waiting for you and ready to go when your plane touches down.

Special Offers

The Internet loves special offers. It’s part of what fuels online outlets in any number of niches, including the travel industry. Every day there are special offers available for flights from Bristol to any number of European destinations, and these booking sites give you a great shot at capitalising on them, thus further lowering your cost. You’ll also want to look to them should you have questions about how to go about entering these countries, especially in the wake of the Brexit vote and any potential impact that might have on changing UK and EU policy.

Book your next flight from Bristol, for the European holiday of your dreams, the smart and savvy way with a great online booking travel site today.