The fourth largest city in Australia, Perth is located right on the Indian Ocean. The beaches here are simply stunning, with a number of famous destinations from public beaches to little known surfer enclaves on offer. In the city center you have urban sophistication at its finest, including all types of food and dining, abundant nightlife, museums and galleries, and shopping from high end boutiques to funky independent stores. If you want to go where the action is on your motorhome hire Australian adventure, then this jewel of a city is your best bet. There are many great road trip stops in the immediate area that are absolute musts for your trip.


When it comes to summer adventure, what could be more unique than swimming with whale sharks? Here at Ningaloo you have one of the world’s largest coral reefs stretching over 250 kilometers off the coast. These massive, but harmless, whale sharks congregate in these waters in large numbers. Thousands of divers and snorkelers make the journey to Ningaloo each summer in order to experience the sensation of swimming alongside these awesome creatures. Of course there are all sorts of further sea life frolicking along the colorful reefs, making for one of the top diving spots in Australia. This location is within a short drive of Perth, so if you’re in the area and looking for a truly unique diving experience, then your campervan hire is only a couple of miles from one of the best in the world.

Monkey Mia

For anyone visiting the Perth region, you definitely don’t want to miss the natural wonderland of Monkey Mia. This region is legendary for its amazing weather, unspoiled coastal beauty, and its abundance of wondrous wildlife. If you’re looking for Australian undeveloped beaches in their entire splendor, then look no further than this true paradise. From swimming with dolphins to diving to just good old fashioned beach days, this region has it all and has long been listed as a must visit for travelers on the continent. If you make the right choice and decide on a visit, then you can look forward to the following.

Margaret River

This resort and surfer heaven is truly a majestic place to visit. The town itself is a quant and offers many options for dining and exploring. Then you have beaches for as far as the eye can see going both ways up or down the coast. The big break waves here attract surfers from all over the world, and there are over 40 surf spots within a mile from the center of town. There are also the world famous limestone caves with their prehistoric fossils and impressive rock formations. When you add to this the multitude of hiking, fishing, kayaking, and climbing options available in the area, you have a must do destination here for sure. This is just a short drive from Perth, so make sure to have it on your radar for your motorhome hire journey.

Purnululu National Park

Known as the Bungle Jungle, this park features incredible rock formations that will make you feel as if you are walking on a different planet. Traces of the Aboriginal culture are strong here, with rock paintings, ceremonial sites, and burial grounds fully preserved within the park limits. There are also amazing and deep gorges, sandstone cliffs rising from the jungle floors, and diamond mines. The Bungle Jungle is truly a wonder of nature and is certainly not to be looked over on any trip through Western Australia.

Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

If you want to experience Australia’s abundant, colorful marine life up close and personal on your trip, then you will not want to miss Ningaloo Reef located on the coast near Perth. Featuring an extensive and diverse cross section of marine life from native small fish to whale sharks, this easily accessible park offers tours and swims where you can get in the water with a guide and swim amongst them. Colorful coral formations light up the ocean floor, and over 500 species of fish dwell here. You may even spot a humpback whale rising to the surface. Snorkelers and scuba divers will be in heaven here, and there are beginner’s tours for those less experienced.

Perth is the perfect base for a Southern Australia motorhome hire journey, offering a fine mix of outdoor beauty and urban coolness. The city itself is a thriving, colorful mix of young professionals, artists and hipsters, and surfers. There are plenty of funky boutiques to check out and the eats run the range from fine dining to high rated food trucks. This vibrant town is a fine place to spend several days and the ocean views are stunning. You can easily do a beach day at one of the local public beaches and then spend a night out on the town, which is part of that Perth magic that has been attracting travelers for decades.